TREDIT S.A. (“Transeuropean Consultants for Transport, Development and Information Technology S.A.”) is a 20–year consulting company with an extensive experience record in Integrated Studies for Public and Private Organisations in Greece and E.U. The company provides services for Planning and Management Studies in all the transport sectors, Logistics, Business Organisation and Development Studies, as well as System Analysis and IT Applications Development, with emphasis in the Transport Sector. TREDIT was established from the merging of TRUTh S.A. and TRD S.A., with headquarters in Thessaloniki and a branch in Athens.

Taking advantage of its long involvement in the transport sector at national and European level and complementarity of its departments, the company provides complete services to its clients for all stages of a project, from the business study and system design to the implementation, operation, maintenance and exploitation. The combination of logistics and ICT expertise puts TREDIT in a unique position to bridge the two fields efficiently and effectively.

TREDIT has great experience in EU research projects in the fields of ICT and intermodal transport, e.g. INTACT, THEMIS, GILDANET, eLOGMAR-M, INFOLOG, BALTPORTS-IT, D2D, GIFTS, PROMIT as well as FREIGHTWISE, EFFORTS, SMART-CM, EURIDICE, E-FREIGHT and L4LIFE and LOGINN Coordinated Actions. TREDIT has also developed the FRETIS platform for the planning and management of entire intermodal freight transport chains, components of which are currently operational in several transport chains and actors such as the Port of Thessaloniki (second largest port in Greece), Hellenic Railways Organization, Kuehne+Nagel Greece (largest Greek logistics operator) and the Port of Herakleion (Crete, Greece).