Thessaloniki Port Authority SA (THPA)

“Thessaloniki Port Authority SA”, trading as “ThPA SA”, was established in 1999, upon the conversion of the Legal Entity of Public Law “Thessaloniki Port Authority” into a public limited company. ThPA SA, through a concession agreement with the Greek State, has the exclusive right until 2041, to administer and exploit the Port of Thessaloniki, owned by the Greek State.

The port of Thessaloniki is located in the middle of Northern Greece, at the crossroad of the East – West land transportation networks (Egnatia Avenue) and of the South – North land transportation networks (PATHE and Pan-European transportation corridors ΙΧ and ΙV) and is directly connected to them, has an international hinterland and serves the cargos of Northern Greece, Former Yugoslavian Republic of Macedonia, Western Bulgaria and of parts of Albania, Romania and of the Black Sea countries. It is the biggest transit port of Greece and hosts the operation of one of the 27 Free Trading Zones in the European Union, which since 1995, is operated in full harmony with the Customs code of the European Union.

The Company serves, on an annual basis, about 3,000 ships, 250,000 passengers, 4 million tons of cargo (not including oil and oil products) and 350,000 TEUs containers.