Asociación Española de Normalización / Spanish Association for Standardization, UNE

The Spanish Association for Standardization, (UNE) is a non-profit-making, private, independent and multisectoral organisation, recognised at National, European and International level. Through the development of technical standards and certifications, helps improve the quality and competitiveness of companies, products and services.

As standardization body, UNE  is the national representative and member of the European (CEN/CENELEC), International (ISO/IEC) and Panamerican (COPANT) Standards Organizations, and member of the European Telecommunications Standards Institute (ETSI).

More than 30000 standards in catalogue, 200 national technical committees and 150 responsibilities (chairpersons, secretariats, convenors) in international standardization committees are samples of the experience developed by UNE as standards body during the last 30 years.

Related product / technologies

UNE  is participating as a member of European Standardization Organizations in many Research and Innovation projects from different programs and topics (Horizon 2020, FP7, Life+, CIP etc., see examples), to support and manage the integration of standardization activities in the projects.

It is also an active member of the CEN-CENELEC Strategic Group ‘STAIR’ (STAndardization, Innovation and Research), which develops the guidelines and gives support for the practical integration of standardization and research.

UNE  will advise, manage and develop all the activities related with standardization in LOGIMATIC, aiming to contribute to new standards development from the results of the project.

Team presentation

Isabel Linares – Industrial Engineer (automation and control) from ETSII of Valladolid, Master Degree in Quality and Production Engineering (IDE-CESEM), Master Degree in Occupational Risk Prevention (CEFORA) and Senior Technical on Innovation Management (UNE). Since 2009, working for UNE as Standardization Program Manager for pressure equipment, installations and NDT in Standardization Division at UNE, giving support and carrying the Secretariat of several national and European Technical Committees in the engineering area. Previously, I worked for 18 years in the automotive industry, and my last position was Industrial Engineering Manager. After that, I worked for 2 years in the construction industry as Operations Director.

Fernando Utrilla – Mechanical Engineer by University of Zaragoza and Master Degree on Innovation Management by UNE. Since 2012 he is Head of Research and Innovation Unit at the Standardization Department of UNE, coordinating the participation of UNE as National Standards Body in research projects and proposals including Horizon 2020, FP7, Life+, CIP programmes. Spanish representative in CEN-CENELEC ‘STAIR’ Strategic Group (Standardization, Innovation and Research). Secretary of AEN/CTN 166 and CEN/TC 389, and expert in ISO/TC 279, respectively the national, European and international Technical Committees related to standardization of ‘Innovation Management’. Previously worked since 2001 as Standardization Programme Manager in UNE, managing several national and European Technical Committees in the engineering and innovation sectors. Previous experience in metal transforming industry as Production Manager.