LOGIMATIC is an European innovation project funded by the European GNSS Agency providing an advanced localization and navigation solution protected against cyberattacks that enables the automation of port vehicles aiming at reducing port terminal congestion and capacity problems.
Automating containers terminals can not only improve the utilization rate of equipment and extend operations 24x7, but also reduces personnel strain and safety-related incidents, ultimately improving overall efficiency of container terminals.

The aim of the following survey is to undertake an strategic analysis of the business opportunity for LOGIMATIC by asking end-users and stakeholders about the benefits and requirements provided by the application of the project results.

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    Please agree/disagree with the following statements of an (semi)automated logistic port solution
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    Reduce the total km driven
    Reduce overall fuel consumption
    Increase moves per hour
    Reduce driver stress
    Improve port safety
    Reduce maintenance cost