H2020 week (02/03/2016, Bologna, Italy)

D’Appolonia participated with relevant projects in SPACE presenting activities in the space area in particular emphasis of terrestrial applications bringing Logimatic as project case.

Innovation Day organized by CARNET (01/06/2016, Barcelona, Spain)

CSIC-UPC participates in the CARNET network, a Cooperation Platform with the mobility industry, universities and institutional partners aiming at scouting activities on “Urban Mobility” in Barcelona, contribute to strengthen the automotive sector in Spain / Catalonia, proactive Recruiting for the Automotive Industry and networking and international Research Funding.

Workshop: Robotics for Inspection and Maintenance – ROBIM (07/07/2016, Madrid, Spain)

CSIC-UPC participated in the Innovations in Robotics in the european framework of the H2020 programme and euRobotics

Smart City Expo World Congress (15-17/11/2016, Madrid, Spain)

CSIC-UPC participated in the Smart City Expo World Congress, which is committed to leveraging the implementation and follow-up of all global agendas at local and national level. The event aims to be the place to collectivize urban power, to increase the strength of cities, to identify business opportunities, to establish partnerships and contribute to enacting common policies. A place to share research, best practices and potential common solutions, achieved through effective collaboration.

Workshop: Robótica y sistemas no tripulados para aplicaciones de seguridad (02/12/2016, Madrid, Spain)

CSIC-UPC participated in the workshop for research, development and innovation for a secure society / Programmes and needs (Presentations of government bodies and police services related to Research, Development and Innovation).









Global Robot Expo (02-04/02/2017, Madrid, Spain)

CSIC-UPC participated in the Global Robot Expo, which is an international exhibition of robotics and associated technologies. The event brings together global experts in cutting-edge sector technologies, in collaboration with major businesses such as Altran, Fundación ONCE, Philips Lighting, Tharsus Group Ferrovial and Accenture, who are also event sponsors.