LOGIMATIC aims at implementing and validating an accurate localization and navigation system to automate the Straddle Carrier operations in an enhanced container chain management in port yards, thus increasing the efficiency of this type of operations, speeding up the tasks, enabling resource and space optimization and allowing operations at night.

LOGIMATIC positioning service diagram
LOGIMATIC positioning service diagram

The core of the project is a cost-effective, real-time positioning system that primary relies on a combination of a multi-constellation GNSS receiver augmented by EGNOS and equipped with onboard sensors in order to provide a continuous, reliable and accurate estimation of the position and velocity of the platforms. The solution is integrated on the Straddle Carrier as part of an On-board Navigation Unit (ONU) connected to the centralized system for monitoring purposes and to exchange action plans and progress reports of their daily tasks.

The centralized monitoring station integrates a GIS tool and the existing TOS system connected to all the carriers via a wireless network to receive the current position of the platform and real-time tasks progress. The continuous precise estimation of the carriers location will allow for the optimization of the operations (at system level) and the trajectories (at subsystem level).

The main expected impacts of LOGIMATIC project are:

  • Improving productivity by increasing operational efficiency
  • Increasing task accuracy and reducing errors
  • Faster cycle times
  • Reducing labour and operational costs
  • Reduce worker strain and safety incidents
  • Replace of relatively low skilled jobs with high-skilled supervision and remote operations jobs